Lettering fun.

I’ve been busy working away on issue #2 of Edengate. I love a bit of lettering. Most often the more simple the better.

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Hard work.

After two long weeks I’ve just finished working up this double page spread for Edengate Issue #2. ( It’s just too much effort to keep secret until the release).  So I’ve decided that it will be shipping as a print with the first ten or so print copies of Edengate #1 ordered as a nice freebie .

Also , I’ll be making it available as a print up in my web store at some point soon.

I’m now going to go for a lie down before pencilling some new pages…


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Moving forward.

I finally got round to upgrading my gear for a more productive workflow. 

I’ve been after a good quality A3 printer that can print on thick 250g/m2 bristol board for a while. With this beast I can print out non repro blue line to ink over by hand without any worries of mistakes, plus, I get a cleaner scan going back in to digital for the colour phase. No pencil smudges here.

Any illustrators/ comic artist not doing this yet – make the move , as you won’t regret it.

As an added bonus, this photo printer can also enable me to produce my own prints on demand. So I’m planning an upgrade to the http://www.littlerobotdesign.co.uk web store with some new print options.

Happy days.

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Issue #2 Teaser

Detail teaser shot of issue #2 – I will be working on this double page spread for the rest of my life.

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Link: The Brave

I did this pop art poster print of Link from TLOZ: Breath of the wild a while back, promptly forgot all about it. So here he is. I shall be offering this as a print run soon.

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